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New Liebherr Crane

Fivestar Logistics Ltd has bagged the "Terminal of the Year" Award at the 6th Nigerian Dredging Summit, Exhibitions and Awards hoding in Abuja this month, September 2012.

In a letter to the Chairman of Fivestar Logistics Ltd, Chief Musa Danjuma, the chairman of the 6th Nigerian Dredging Summit Planning Committee, Surveyor A.O.W Ezomo, cited improvements in infrastructure and services at the Ro-Ro Terminal being operated by Fivestar Logistics Ltd as the reasons for the award. Only one terminal is selected yearly for the honorary award which was instituted to encourage excellence amongst service providers in Nigeria's ports and maritime industry.

In another development, Fivestar Logistics has launched its newly-acquired Liebherr crane which is deployed mainly for containers and heavy lifts. With this installation, container throughput at the terminal will be faster by many folds.

To further strengthen security of goods at the terminal, new security gates have been mounted in restricted areas to prohibit wandering unauthorised persons and give access to only on-duty personnel. This will further enhance the operations of the terminal for security of life and property.

Moreover, a new computerized terminal operating system has been launched for the Ro-Ro terminal. With this new device, all unloaded goods and vehicles are captured with hand-held computer devices and the data is fed to the central computer which develops the database of unloaded goods and vehicles, their storage or parking points or addresses on the terminal and also develops an instant condition survey of the material as unloaded from the ship.

With these developments, Fivestar Logistics Ltd is making strides to accomplish its business plan as contained in its concession agreement with Nigerian Ports Authority . It has recently upgraded the exit gates to cater for the secure movement of containers and new vehicles through one gate while fairly-used vehicles and pedestrians are channeled through a separate gate for better security management.

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