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NAMM admits ‘Capt’ Carrodano to Membership.

The Nigerian Association of Master Mariners (NAMM) has admitted Mr Pier Luigi Carrodano, Group Managing Director of the Comet Group of Companies, to honourary membership of the Association with effect from August 11, 2012.

Ordinarily an association open only to qualified ship masters, NAMM, in a letter of admission signed by its President, Capt Adejimi Adu, said the decision was unanimous “following the widespread consideration and recognition of" Mr. Carodanno's "tremendous love and conscientious support to its programmes and vision for the Nigerian maritime industry over the years”.

The investiture ceremony has since been conducted.

With this accolade, Mr Carrodano may now be addressed as “Captain”, in line with the traditions of master mariners worldwide.

An avid ship manager who rose through the ranks of international shipping trade, Mr Carrodano has worked in Nigeria since July 1973.
He plays lawn tennis regularly as a hobby.

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